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Understanding HOA and Condo Laws

Laws that govern Homeowners Associations (HOAs), condo associations and other community associations are not always straightforward. The law firm of Thurman & Phillips P.C. can provide legal counsel and ethical solutions for all levels of developers, from small projects to large mixed-use planned unit development.

The knowledge and experience of our firm’s attorneys provide our clients with unique insight on topics that include:

  • Drafting and amending association governing documents and other contracts
  • Interpreting and enforcing covenant conditions and restrictions
  • Assessing collections
  • Acting as legal counsel for directors of associations
  • Providing interpretation of relevant state and federal laws

Providing Guidance on Even Small Details

There are over 2,000 annotations and citations specific to Texas and federal statutes that HOA or condo association directors and staff must understand and apply. There are statutes that govern even the smallest of details, including:

  • Parking
  • Mailbox design
  • Noise
  • Yard maintenance
  • Pets
  • Liability of gardens
  • Voting methods
  • Use of secret ballots

The attorneys at Thurman & Phillips P.C. can answer both large and small legal questions, making your life easier and the operation of your community association smoother.

Protect Yourself Before a Legal Challenge Happens

Do not wait until your association has been hit with a legal claim such as breach of fiduciary duties, negligence or breach of covenants to call our office in Shavano Park. We can help you protect your community and avoid problems. Connect with us via email or call us at 210-341-2020.